About Auricula, the Garden and Me

Hello I’m Jayne,

I live in Derbyshire with my family, two cute cats and a loveable Labrador. I started sewing when I was about five years old.

I would sit for hours at my Granny and Grandad’s house crafting away dreaming of writing a story about a little girl.

I wasn’t very patient all that time ago though; always too desperate to get onto the next project. If my dear Granny was still around today she would list all the items she ended up finishing off for me, my ‘unfinished symphonies’ she called them.My Lovely Lab enjoying the beach

I have to confess to a few disasters along the way as well. Looking back I was a little too handy with the scissors at one point. There was the early scissor wielding years and my attempt to make a paper doll chain from a pair of brand new socks that my Mum had worked hard to afford. Add that misdemeanor to lopping one of my two plaits off and I was not popular for a while. Various mishaps followed culminating in shortening the same leg on a neighbour’s pair of trousers twice!

Happily those days are behind me.

My Gorgeous LabradorAs time went by I became more determined to see the end results of my labours and I finished off more and more things myself. Knitting and crochet were added to my repertoire and then when I bought my first house I fell in love with gardening.

Of everything that grows in a garden, the Auricula is my favourite flower. Combining my dream of the little girl, my love for handmade things and gardening I created Auricula. Her world is Auricula’s Garden. In Auricula’s Garden beautiful things are hand made and you can come along to workshops to learn how to create things yourself and be inspired.

I plan to write Auricula’s story one day….