Day 7 – Auricula’s Garden Spring KAL 2021

One thing I have noticed more during the last year of lockdowns is the bird noise and activity. I can’t make up my mind whether it’s as a result of there being less traffic noise, better air quality, that I’ve been able to just sit and listen more outside work hours, or a combination of all three. Whatever the reason it has been welcome. I’ve even found myself being more tolerant of the messy wood pigeons that perch in our silver birch trees.I’ve started to hear sounds of nesting and seen the birds working hard as they flit about on twig and grub collections. All sounds of Spring and new life. Inspired by all this, I’ve created a nest and three eggs in celebration. I’ve chosen our silver birch colours for the nest and three vibrant egg colours. You could go muted if you wish. Speckled wool would look great too.

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