Day 5 – Auricula’s Garden Spring KAL 2021

‘Lamb’ was a very popular Spring word you gave me. It got me thinking about all the usual lambs depicted at this time of year. The cute fluffy white ones, the occasional white one with a black face, the ones on cards and as soft toys. So then I thought, when was the last time I looked at a sheep at close quarters or more importantly discussed a sheep with anyone! Well, it was pre lockdown when I saw one and roughly this time last year when one of you lovely knitters announced she was to become a grandma to some lambs and a midwife to a couple of her sheep. Turns out they are lambing again so as a little good luck nod to them I decided to come up with a pattern of one of them. It’s not white and fluffy but still very cute. It’s a Zwartble from Holland, a hardy breed, with a woolly black-brown colour coat, striking white, badger-like facial markings and 2-4white socks. Here he is, ‘Woolly’, the alternative 2021 spring lamb.

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