Crafting and Gardening news update!

It has been a while since I have posted and of course we have all been in lockdown and life has been unusual. During this time I’ve been through a whole range of thought processes which I won’t bore you with, but the ability to connect with friends and colleagues has made it easier to keep things in perspective. What has also helped are my passions for crafting and gardening. The garden is blooming and our veg plots are bountiful and giving. I have kept the likes of Sarah Raven in business and we’ve gone a little bit more sustainable, so all is well there. I have also done some knitting, crocheting, sewing or embroidery every day. I have contributed to the country’s need for masks and powered my way through to completing some unfinished symphonies. It has also meant that inevitably I have failed to curb my enthusiasm and I have started some new projects. Likewise, the stash of wool and fabric has remained static as I have failed miserably to resist the temptation to buy more! For those that know me well that will come as no surprise. I tell myself that’s ok as it could be worse, it could be chocolate I am binging on. Well, not quite, as I even managed to find some delicious Lewis and Irene fabric with chocolates on it and plan to make my friend a face mask with it. She will appreciate it as I know she likes a choc or two! 

Have a lovely weekend. I’m taking some big steps back into civilisation and taking my parents to meet my sister at a local National Garden Scheme garden. They’ve helped nursing and health charities since the early 1900s. Times have not changed!

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