Story One: ‘The Very Particular Auricula’

The Very Particular Auricula Illustration by Tilly
The Very Particular Auricula Illustration by Tilly

Auricula knew it was time to go out to meet her Granny for afternoon tea but she couldn’t find her favourite bag, hat and gloves. It was important she found them as without them the outfit she’d chosen just didn’t feel right. You see Auricula was a very particular girl and she liked everything just so. She also couldn’t ignore a mystery. Auricula just had to get to the bottom of things.

She knew she’d had the bag last weekend when she’d visited her cousin, Tilly Tose. Tilly was one of her two best friends in the world. Auricula liked to call her ‘Tilly Twinkle Toes’ as she was a brilliant ballet dancer and it made her smile that Tilly’s last name sounded just like ‘toes’ although it was spelt differently. Auricula was always amazed how peculiar the English language could be at times.

As Auricula sorted through her wardrobe and cupboard she noticed that Mr. B, her big, black Labrador and other best friend, was not in his usual daytime spot on her bedside rug. She called him and he plodded in and sat down next to the cupboard. Auricula said, “Oh, I don’t know Mr. B I must be getting forgetful! Where can my bag be? I know I left my hat and gloves in there so if I can find the bag I can find them too. It’s the purple one with the flowers on it that I made”. Today Mr. B didn’t give his usual little woof like he was talking back but instead he just looked at Auricula with a very sorry expression on his face which made her curious…

“Would you know anything about the disappearance of my bag Mr. B?” asked Auricula.

Mr. B stood up, took hold of the hem of Auricula’s coat and guided her to his basket in the corner. There, under the blanket was the bag. Even though Auricula was going to be late to meet her Granny she still wanted to know why Mr. B had taken the bag. The mystery was solved when she pulled the hat and gloves out and showered herself with cake crumbs! Too late, Auricula remembered Tilly had made cupcakes last week and had given her one to take home for supper.

Auricula didn’t really mind that Mr. B had eaten the cupcake; she would just have preferred him to have asked or been offered before taking it. Auricula you see was very particular about good manners. She couldn’t stay cross with him for long though as he did look very sorry and she was partly to blame anyway for being untidy and not emptying her bag.

“Mr. B, we must both try harder next time. I shall be tidier and you shall not help yourself to cake as you know you are rather prone to plumpness and it is not good for you!”, Auricula said, trying to sound stern.

With that Auricula put on her hat and gloves, picked up her bag, patted Mr. B on his head and set off to meet Granny. Mr. B tried to look like he had learned his lesson but the sight of a large cake crumb stuck on the back of Auricula’s hat as she went out of the door just made him long for another cupcake! He got in his basket to wait for Auricula coming home. He soon fell asleep dreaming and hoping that there would be leftover cake again today. If he was lucky, Auricula might not be that particular again and leave the cake in the bag for him to find. He must be more careful of crumbs next time and remember to put the bag back!

Story Two: To be published soon.


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